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Blankenship Drywall is here to help you with a variety of improvements that can give your home a wonderful new look and feel without costing you a bundle.


About Us

Blankenship Drywall is here to help you with a variety of improvements that can give your home a wonderful new look and feel without costing you a bundle.

Home Improvement IndianapolisBy having a plan and sticking to it, you’ll end up with redesigned rooms that perfectly suit your lifestyle and family needs – each custom-built just for you without exceeding your home-improvement budget! Let us build you up-to-date bathroom cabinets, or maybe new cabinets for the bar, or maybe new bookcases in the library, or … well, what would you like us to do? Whatever improvement you choose, Blankenship Drywall can design and build a style that is just right for you! Contact us today!

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About Us
33 Years of Experience

Years Experience


Create the Home of Your Dreams with a Home Improvement Contractor in Indianapolis, Indiana

Over time, your home endures significant wear and tear that can detract from its value. When it comes to home improvements, it is essential that you find a home improvement contractor that understands your vision. With over three decades of experience, the team at Blankenship Drywall offers Indianapolis, Indiana homeowners with outstanding services that add value to their homes. Whether you want to add new cabinets, change the texture of your walls or ceiling, or require high quality drywall and plaster repair, you have come to the right place.

About Our Home Improvement Services

At Blankenship Drywall, we believe in offering something different to our Indianapolis, Indiana clients. From your first point of contact, your work is handled by the same person in order to produce consistency across every aspect of the project. We focus on delivering a high standard of work at affordable prices, so that you can enjoy a home that looks and feels newer and more comfortable that you will love for a lifetime. Let us help you create a home that caters to your lifestyle with beautiful upgrades that offer function and beauty every time.

Enhance Your Home with Professional Home Improvement Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Whether you’re looking for drywall services or require minor home repairs, you need a house remodeling contractor you trust to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. At Blankenship Drywall in Indianapolis, Indiana, you’ll find all professional home improvement services required to fit your lifestyle and family needs. We work with you to design a beautiful, functional home without exceeding your budget or sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship. Our design/build services create an effective plan and carry it out to give you a home you’ll love.

Custom-Built Solutions

Some house remodeling contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana, take a cookie-cutter approach to home improvements. With our professional home improvement services, you can expect a custom-built design that meets your specifications. We design and build custom bathroom cabinets, new cabinets for your kitchen or bar, and bookcases for your study or library. We learn more about what you expect from your home improvement and provide the personalized solutions required to meet your family’s needs and lifestyle. We want you to feel comfortable with beautiful upgrades that enhance function in your home.

Drywall Services

In addition to minor home repairs, our house remodeling contractor in Indianapolis, Indiana, specializes in drywall services, including textured ceilings, water damage repair, insulation, and other repairs. We’re available to improve the look of your home with the effective services required to increase your home’s value. With over three decades of experience providing professional home improvement services, you’ll feel confident in our workmanship.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced house remodeling contractor. You can count on us to improve your home without exceeding your budget.

Ask For an Estimate on Home Improvement Services in Indianapolis, IN Today

If you are looking for home improvement services in Indianapolis, IN, you can count on the team at Blankenship Drywall. Get started on updating your home today by contacting our team at (317) 258-9186.

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Filling and repairing small cracks and holes in plaster walls or ceilings.

Skim Coating: Applying a thin layer of plaster over an entire surface to create a smooth and uniform finish.

Ceiling Repairs: Fixing cracks, water damage, or other issues on plaster ceilings.

Wall Repairs: Addressing damage, dents, or holes in plaster walls to restore a seamless appearance.

Historic Plaster Restoration: Specialized services for restoring and preserving historic plasterwork in older buildings.

Textured Plaster Finishes: Creating or repairing textured finishes on walls or ceilings, such as swirls, stucco, or other decorative patterns.

Water Damage Repair: Repairing plaster damage caused by leaks, floods, or other water-related issues.

Crack Repair: Fixing both minor and major cracks in plaster surfaces to prevent further deterioration.

Color Matching: Ensuring that repaired areas blend seamlessly with the existing plaster in terms of color and texture.

Plaster Molding Installation and Repair: Installing or restoring decorative plaster moldings, cornices, and other architectural details.

Consultation and Inspection: Providing assessments of plaster damage, offering recommendations, and outlining the repair process.

Custom Plaster Design: Creating unique plaster designs or patterns to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space.

Drywall to Plaster Conversion: Converting or restoring areas from drywall to plaster for a more traditional or authentic look.

Clean-Up and Dust Containment: Implementing measures to minimize dust and ensure a clean environment during and after the repair process.

Emergency Plaster Repairs: Offering quick response services for urgent plaster repairs, especially in cases of sudden damage.

Educational Resources: Providing information and resources on plaster care, maintenance, and prevention of future damage.

Free Estimates: Offering potential clients a free assessment and estimate for their plaster repair needs.

Customer Support: Providing responsive customer support to address inquiries, schedule appointments, and offer assistance.

Locations We Serve

Glenns Valley, Ravenswood, Brendonwood, Glendale Heights, Creekwood, Lindenwood, Snacks, Burge Terrace, Hoover Crest, Meridian Hills

Texture Ceilings

Texture Ceilings

Textured to Smoothed Ceilings

Textured to Smoothed Ceilings

All Drywall & Plaster Repair

All Drywall & Plaster Repair





Water Damange Repair

Water Damange Repair



Drywall Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Drywall?

Drywall is a construction material made of two sheets of heavy paper bonded with a layer of plaster between them. Drywall is used in the construction of ceilings and interior walls and dries very quickly. No water is used for installing the product hence the term “drywall”.

What are the Advantages of Drywall Construction?

Drywall is fast and easy to install and repair making it very popular with builders. It is also affordable, noise-muffling, and durable. Drywall is fire-resistant making it safe for residential and commercial buildings.

Can Drywall Be Installed as a DIY Project?

Installing drywall can be easily done by DIY enthusiasts with some carpentry skills. Installing requires tools and techniques that you may be unfamiliar with. Therefore, it’s advisable to use skilled professionals because they are widely experienced and knowledgeable.

What is the difference between a “gypsum panel” and a “gypsum board?”

There is not much difference between the two since a gypsum panel is also known as a gypsum board or drywall. Builders use it as a ready-made material for covering interior walls and ceilings in buildings. Gypsum panels or boards are a preferred alternative to traditional methods.

Do I need to wash the dust off the walls before painting?

Yes, because washing gets rid of dust, cobwebs, grease, and grime that prevents the paint from sticking properly to your walls. Wash with a sponge, warm water, and mild soap or detergent from top to bottom. Rinse using a damp cloth and let the surface dry completely before painting.

What is a Gypsum Board?

A gypsum board, also known as plasterboard or drywall is a building material used for covering walls and ceilings. Drywall comes in different sizes and thicknesses. A builder customizes them to your preferred needs and designs.


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Anna ScalaAnna Scala
00:08 18 Nov 21
They came and did an excellent job! I had more work for them to come again, but they offered to do it all! We are so happy that jobs done! But will definitely use them again..we highly recommend them!!
Teri CarltonTeri Carlton
03:57 17 Nov 21
Responded to my initial email within 24 hours.Allowed me to send photos of ceiling and drywall damage caused by upstairs water damage. Arrived on time. Professional. Cleaned up afterwards. Reasonable rate. Would recommend.
Jamie HootnickJamie Hootnick
15:41 27 Oct 21
This team did plaster repairs for us after having the electricity rewired earlier in the year. They did great work at a reasonable price and were friendly and respectful while in our home.
Danielle DickisonDanielle Dickison
14:18 12 Oct 21
Highly recommend Blankenship drywall! The process was so easy. We had some ceiling damage due to a leaky roof. I sent him a picture and he gave me a quote based on that, and was able to come do the repair within a couple days of contacting him. While he was there He also spotted a few other areas in our house that needed some patching and did that for us at no extra cost! Very friendly and professional. I will use him for all my drywall needs
Michelle ReuterMichelle Reuter
21:23 01 Jun 21
Frank and team did an excellent job repairing drywall in my bathroom from a new bathtub replacement. He was able to quote by me sending photos last week and finished the job within days from my first reach out. Finished the job within 2 hours and was very prompt! I would highly recommend! Great work!!


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